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Memberships or Forever Fostering Friends Circle Positively impact the lives of hundreds of animals right here in your community. Membership lists are not sold or shared.  Donations are accepted from all parties interested in furthering the mission of HSJC . HSJC reserves the right to refuse a donation from an individual and/or business that does not agree with the mission of HSJC. Memorials & Honorary Donations A friend or family member can be honored by making a donation in their name to HSJC. Honoring a person by helping us continue our life saving work is a great way to pay tribute to a special individual. Remembering a Pet Your beloved pet, or that of a friend, can be remembered with a donation in the pet’s name. These memorials go to helping other pets find their forever home. Call us for more details. Dudley Fund The Dudley Fund was established several years ago when one of our members found a Jack Russell terrier injured by the side of the road. The little fellow escaped from his owner, a 10 year old boy, and was hit by a car. The boy was devastated, but his parents were low income and couldn’t afford the medical care that Dudley needed. HSJC stepped in and with help from pet lovers in the community financed the needed surgery, assisted with Dudley’s recuperation, and made it possible for him to go home again. You can help keep this fund active by donating to the Dudley Fund and helping animals in need like Dudley. Matching Gifts You can increase your personal contribution to HSJC if your company has a Matching Gifts Program. Check with your Human Resource Office. Supplies on our Wish List This list changes from day-to-day. For an up-to-date list, call our office. Currently, we are looking for supplies for our foster program. These items include dog crates, dog leashes and collars, litter boxes, carrying kennels (all sizes), puppy exercise pen, dog and cat training or breed specific books, and portable dog runs/kennels. Planned Giving Every year, the Humane Society of Johnson County is called upon to help more and more animals in need. The funds to care for these animals and find them new homes, as well as for our many educational and outreach programs come from friends and supporters in our community. By including HSJC in your estate planning, you can help insure that HSJC will always be there to help our animal companions.


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