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Lost or Found Pet

Here are the steps to follow if you have lost or found a pet: 1.  Call Johnson County Animal Control (317-736-3924) and ask if anyone has reported a lost or found animal and to have a ‘found report’ posted. If you border more than one county, please make a report to each county agency.  Be sure to send a lost or found report to Humane Society of Johnson County (and other “pet places”).   The Humane Society keeps list of lost and found animals and makes every effort to match them. 2.  Have the pet scanned for a microchip. A microchip is a small (about the size of a grain of rice) device that is implanted into a pet. This device can be scanned by most veterinarians. The scanner will detect a number that can be traced to the owners through a database. Scanning for a microchip should be FREE at most veterinarian offices.  Scanning can also be done at most shelters and humane societies. 3.  Put up “lost or found” fliers (including a photo). These should be placed on street poles, in veterinary offices, in pet stores, and in grooming shops. Make a list of the places where you distributed your fliers, so it will be easy to go back and take them down once the pet has been reunited.

4.  Contact the Daily Journal (317-736-7101) to place a Lost / Found Ad for up to 4 days for free.

5.  Post your “lost or found” message to our facebook page.  You can also attach your flier (including a photo).

6. Visit Indy Lost Pet Website at:


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