HSJC Community Cats:

Trap-Neuter-Return Program

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Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the most humane and effective approach for controlling the feral cat population. Through TNR programs, community cats are humanely trapped and spayed/neutered. Cats are also given a rabies vaccination and ear-tip (clipping of one ear under anesthesia as a signal that the cat is sterilized). They are then returned to their territory where caretakers provide them with regular food and shelter. There is a difference between stray cats and feral cats.  A stray cat is a domestic cat that has been abandoned or has ‘strayed’ from home and become lost. Stray cats were once pets or have had humane contact and they can usually be successfully rescued and placed in homes.  Meanwhile, feral cats are cats whom people typically can’t touch. They are not socialized to people and not candidates for adoption into people’s homes. They are basically a wild animal. Although some feral cats can tolerate mild human interaction, most are too fearful and unsocialized to be handled. They are quiet and keep their distance from humans. Feral cats usually live outdoors in groups known as feral colonies. With this said, our Community Cats (TNR) program is available for all Johnson County residents who are willing to take responsibly for their feral cat colony. They must sign a caretaker agreement that they will provide food, water and shelter for the colony after they are spayed/neutered.  The cats will be returned back into their natural habitat. This program has been set by Johnson County Animal Control and Humane Society Johnson County to reduce the feral cat population and the burden on JCAC & HSJC of the large number of cats and kittens received on a daily basis. Outside of our TNR program, we do not take feral cats, we do not trap them to euthanize them, and we will always return them to their natural habitat. This program is set up to help reduce the feral cat population and we will not trap feral cats to remove them from their homes for human convenience. Outside of our TNR program, we do not handle feral cats.   The Community Cat Package includes:

  • Spay or neuter surgery
  • Pain medication
  • Rabies/FVRCP vaccination
  • Eartip for identification
  • Medical treatment if needed
  • Trap-Neuter-Return help Working Cat Program
  • If you’ve got a barn/garden/shed in need of organic pest control, we’ve got cats!  Check out our Working Cat page.
  • Johnson County TNR Ordinance –
  • We ask for a $30 donation per cat. Any donation you can make is appreciated but not required as we rely on donations to help as many cats as possible.

  Johnson County TNR Ordinance 

Working Cat Program

If you’ve got a barn/garden/shed in need of organic pest control, we’ve got cats!  Check out our Working Cat page.


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